Saturday, May 15, 2010

Batcave : Achtung!

Diary of Dreams - "Tales of the Silent City"
De/Vision - "Obey Your Heart"
Encoder - "Ascension"
Monochrome - "Sold"
Regenerator - "Airborne"
Seize - "Teacher"
Dupont - "New Dawn (Album Version)"
Blue October - "All Is Said And Done"
Cell Division - "Should I"
Depeche Mode - "World In My Eyes"
Faderhead - "Horizon Born"
Assemblage 23 - "Spark"
Encoder - "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
Silent Auction - "Good Girl (Back To The Futurepop mix)"
Melotron - "Forge Mir Ins Litch"
Moisuf-X - "Hit Me Hard"
Dekoy - "Salvation"
Fr/Action - "Aftermath"
Negative Format -"Static"
Alpha Point - "High Like The Angels (Devildance mix by [systemshock])
Covenant - "Go Film (She Wants Revenge remix)"
Pride & Fall - "Retrospect"
FGFC820 - "Killing Fields"
God Module - "The Source (Imperative Reaction remix)"
Glis - "Discontent (NamNamBulu remix)"
Pittersplatter - "Die For Me"
Interlace - "Nemesis"
Ex Machina - "Head"

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