Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hydra at Lotus Downtown

-format- Roulette Style DJing

Assemblage 23 - "Binary (Encoder Remix)"
Technoir - "Liar (Rotersand Remix)"
De/Vision - "Rage (Passive Aggressive Club mix by releveleR)
Caisarion - "Wenn Der Letzte Tag Verblasst (Soman Remix)"
Alibi Trax - "Collision"
Access Zero - "Draw The Line"
Funker Vogt - "My Innermost (Nobless Oblige Remix)"
Alter Red - "Rebuild Rewire (Club Mix)"

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Dungeon Reunion presents: Resurrection @ The Loft

Mope! - "Peka"
Mental Discipline - "Fallen Stars (feat. Felix Mark) (Progressive Fall mix by Alpha Point)"
E-gens - "Fine! Shine! (Clubbed by LastraX)"
Urceus Exit - "The Worst That We've Become"
Covenant - "The Men"
Gary Numan - "Scanner (Burn The Prophets of Reason Remix by releveleR)"
Janosch Moldau  - "On and On (Peoples Theatre's Belong mix)"
ien oblique - "Days of Happiness"
Encephalon - "Daylight"
MIND:|:SHREDDER - "Still Alive"
TechniKult of Flesh - "Electro Bitch (re-version by releveleR)"
[sinthetic squad] - "Devil's Playground (SNTK2 Version)"
Sleetgrout - "Dance Like Joke"
Bodycell - "Electro Havok"
Kant Kino - "Owner of This House Lives Here"
Funker Vogt - "Genozid (FGFC820 Remix)"

Friday, September 14, 2012

Camera Obscura presents: The Ritual @ theVenue

Encephalon - "Daylight"
Glenn Love - "Nuit Musee"
Mental Discipline - "Battlefield of Love (Per Aspera Gentle Version)"
Implant feat. Angelspit - "Violence"
Pride & Fall - "Retrospect"
Systemshock - "You're Fake, I'm Real"
Cryogen Second - "Antitheical (Single Mix)"
Alpha Point - "Emptiness Within (SNTK2 Version)"
VNV Nation - "Chrome (??? Remix)"
:wumpscut: - "We Believe, We Believe"
Aesthetic Perfection - "The Devil's In The Details"
Cease2Xist - "I Am Destroyer"
Inerta - "Repeat & Follow"
Jesus on Exstacy - "Revenge (Midnight Resistance Remix)"
Funker Vogt - "Arising Hero (Faderhead Remix)"
Urceus Exit - "The Mobilization of Blindness"
Ex Machina - "Head"
Type O Negative - "Cinammon Girl"
Bella Morte - "The End Ahead"
Stochastic Theory - "In Time"
Diara feat. Omnos - "Tried This, Tried That (Vocoder Mix)"
NamNamBulu - "Surviving (Synth & Amok Mix)"
The Echoing Green - "Suffer (Rename Club Mix)"