Thursday, September 11, 2008

Solar Thursdays @ Xyloh's Night club

Set list for Solar Thursday (9.11.08)
Diary of Dreams - "Tales of The Silent City"
Psyche - "Murder In Your Love"
In Strict Confidence - "Fading Light"
Implant - "Your World (Continental Drift Mix by Implant)"
I:Scintilla - "Harvester (Implant Remix)"
Bloodwire - "Overdue"
CTRL - "We Hope"
Encoder - "Dance Motherfuckers"
Echo Image - "Skulk (Extended mix)"
VNV Nation - "Chrome"
Icon of Coil - "Comment v 2.0"
Icon of Coil - "Remove/Replace"
Negative Format - "N.E.A.R. (Alboforce mix)"
Funker Vogt - "Gunman"
Run Level Zero - "Shadows Merging"
Switchblade Symphony - "Dollhouse (Razed in Black remix)"
Combichrist - "This Shit Will Fuck You Up"
Cesium 137 - "Hymn"