Monday, May 16, 2011

Camera Obscura presents: 3rd Annual Pirates Ahoy feat. DJ NoN (Portland, OR)

This DJ set is a verses set between DJ Night Fox & DJ Dark Cloud. We opened the night from 9pm-11:30pm.

DJ Night Fox:

Abney Park - "To The Apocalypse..."
Dr. Steel - "Dr Steel"
Synthetic Dream Foundation - "On Whom the Dreadful Claw"

DJ Dark Cloud:
Carved Souls - "Taste of Imagination"
dAVOS - "What I Prefer (Remix by Torben Wendt of Diorama)"
SynthetiXXX - "Juego"

DJ Night Fox:
In Strict Confidence - "Emergency (Blind Faith Envy Version)"
Abney Park - "Under the Radar"
Unextraordinary Gentlemen - "Open Arms, Empty Air"

DJ Dark Cloud:
Bloodwire - "Hallway"
Sophya - "The Dream (I)"
Portishead - "Only You"

DJ Night Fox:
Clan of Xymox - "The Bitter Sweet"
The Cr├╝xshadows - "The 4th Phase"
Camouflage - "The Great Commandment (Razormade mix)"

DJ Dark Cloud:
Midnight Resistance - "A Tear In Every Moment"
Day Behaviour - "Devil In Me (Ext_Dance mix)"
Assemblage 23 - "Spark (Combichrist remix)"

DJ Night Fox:
In Strict Confidence - "Promised Land (Extended version)"
Edge of Dawn - "Black Heart"

DJ Dark Cloud:
KLOQ - "I Never Said"
Corporate Soldiers - "Give It To You (Feat. Ayria)"
Silent Auction - "Good Girl (Back To The Futurepop remix)"

DJ Night Fox:
Rotersand - "Last Ship (rearranged)"
Apoptygma Bezerk - "Until The End of The World"
Diorama - "Wonderful World"

DJ Dark Cloud:
Electrovot - "The One"
God Module - "Art (Ashbury Heights remix)"
You Shriek - "Goodbye Berlin (Cellmod remix)"

DJ Night Fox:
Carved Souls - "Broken Soul"
Covenant - "Lightbringer (Album Version)"
VNV Nation - "Home"

DJ Dark Cloud:
Lost Signal - "Oblivion"
Ashbury Heights - "Spiders (UnterArt remix)"