Monday, May 31, 2010

Heaven & Hell: The Final Judgement dj set

Assemblage 23 - "Spark"
Encoder - "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These)"
Silent Auction - "Good Girl (Back To The Futurepop remix)"
Melotron - "Folge Mir Ins Litch"
Dekoy - "Salvation"
Regenerator - "Hope"
Fr/Action - "Aftermath"
Negative Format - "Static"
Code 64 - "Without You"
Barak - "One Way Out"
Lights of Euphoria - "One Nation (Syrian Remix)"
Corporate Soldiers - "Party Till We Die"
VNV Nation - "Sential"
Mark Nicholas - "Good Night My Love"
Mark Nicholas - "Perverse (Syrian remix)"
Neuroticfish - "Can't Stop The Riot"
Bow Ever Down - "Glass Doll"
Ayria - "Disease (NamNamBulu Remix)"
Colony 5 - "Fusion"
Seabound - "Hooked (Radical Mix)"
Claire Voyant - "Love The Giver (Remixed by Eskil Simonsoss of Covenant)"
Faderhead - "Dirty Girrrls/Dirty Bois"
Alice In Videoland - "Naked"
Dirty Sanchez - "Give Head"

-Afterhours Psytrance set-

Void - "Abra Kadabra"
Color Space - "Green Chemical"
Perplex vs. Michele Adamson - "Girls Love DJs (Elecro Sun remix)"
System Nipel feat. Electra - "Game On (Remix)"
Slug - "Daydreamer"
Creatrix - "Get Life Get All"
Void - "Machine (S.U.N. Project Remix)"

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