Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dance For A Cause 2012 @ theVenue

9p-10p set

Somegirl - "Yes, No (Kaji Mix)" (unknown)
New Clear Sky - "Vast (SIX's Colossals Mix)" (u.s.a)
Midnight Resistance - "A Tear In Every Moment" (essen, germany)
Color Theory - "Game Over (Painting The Prototype Mix)" (u.s.a)
Elegant Machinery - "Why" (Sweden)
WANT/ed - "Start to Live" (Russia)
Digital Machine - "Машина времени" (russia)
Purple Fog Side - "Мой тайный друг" (Samara, Russia)
БИО - "Алхимик" (russia)
Bai Hong - "Listen Up (Ian Widgery Remix)" (china)
LA - "Shangri (2006 Remix)" (china)
De/Vision - "Try To Forget (Never 4get 2Mix)" (germany)
 11p-12p set
Color Theory - "Hypothetically (Repush Cartel Club Mix)" (u.s.a.)
Syrian - "Space Overdrive" (italy)
DreamVeil - "Телефон небес" (omsk, russia)
Iris - "Annie, Would I Lie To You (T.O.Y. Remix)" (u.s.a)
Dangerous Muse - "Every Day Is Halloween (Josh Harris Club Mix)" (u.s.a)
Alpha Point - "Alive (Evil Penguins Mix by Mezzamo)" (russia)
Alpha Point - "Emptiness Within (SNTK2 Version)" (russia)
Assemblage 23 - "Binary (Encoder Mix)" (u.s.a.)
East Wind - "Our Life" (okinawa)
Mathru (feat. Kamui Gakupo) - "Episode.0" (japan)
SOUL'd OUT - "Magenta Magenta" (japan)

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