Friday, November 9, 2012

Camera Obscura presents: Thank God For Vampires at theVenue

Assemblage 23 - "Binary (Encoder Remix)"
The Cruxshadows - "Winterborn (This Sacrifice)"
Angels & Agony  "Euphoria"
VNV Nation - "Legion" [request]
AlterRed - "Rebuild Rewire (Club Mix)"
Apoptygma Bezerk - "Blackpawn" [request]
Necessary Response - "Forever"
Cyferdyne - "Dark Forever"
Aesthetic Perfection - "The 11th Hour"
Jesus on Ecstasy - "Revenge (Remix by Midnight Resistance)"
Bodycall - "Electro Havok"
Ad Inferna - "French Kiss of Death"
Negative Format - "Blood Red Sky (Dark Horizons Version)"
Encephalon - "The Transhuman Condition"
Combichrist - "Enjoy The Abuse"
:wumpscut: - "We Believe, We Believe"
Modulate - "Skullfuck (Combichrist Remix)"
Lights of Euphoria - "One Nation (Club Mix)"
VNV Nation - "Joy" [request]
And One - "Stand The Pain" [request]

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