Friday, July 31, 2009

Alter Solum - Suspended in HELL @ Heaven & Hell

Faderhead - "Dirty Girls/DirtyBois (Electro For The Masses remix)"
Noisuf-X - "Hit Me Hard"
State of the Union - "Bad Girls Need Love To"
Project Pitchfork - "Time Killer (And One cover)
Assemblage 23 - "Silence (God Module remix)"
God Module - "Let's Go Dark"
Punto Omega - "Punto Omega"
Dope - "Let's Fuck"
Skinny Puppy - "Pro-Test"
Funker Vogt - "Welcome To Distruction"
Biotek - "Die-Sect (VNV Nation remix)"
Dekoy - "Shoot To Kill"
Regenerator - "Nothing"
Theater of Tragedy - "Machine (VNV Nation remix)"
I:Scintilla - "Harvester (Implant remix)"
Icon of Coil - "Shelter"
Informatik - "Violation"
Run Level Zero - "Under The Gun (X-Fusion .50 Cal remix)"
:SITD: - "Direction North"

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