Friday, July 10, 2009

DJ Dark Cloud's 22nd Birthday Bash at Alter Solum

Alter Solum 7/10/09 DJ Dark Cloud vs. DJ Todd Facade
-Dark Cloud-
Diary of Dreams - "Tales Of The Silent City"
Chrome - "The Wind"
Assemblage 23 - "Crush"
-Todd Facade-
Goth Minister - "The Calling"
Xymox (Clan of) - "spritual high"
:wumpscut: - "churist churist"
-Dark Cloud-
Icon of Coil - "Dead Enough For Life"
Absurd Minds - "Stop The Fall (Cephalgy remix)"
Pride & Fall - "Elements of Silence"
-Todd Facade-
oomph! - "gekreuzigt"
terrorfact - "achtung"
angels and agony - "stormhead"
-Dark Cloud-
Clarie Voyant - "Majesty (Premonition remix by Assemblage 23)"
Technoir - "Manifesto (Deblobbo remix)"
Celldweller - "Switchback (Razorblade remix)"
-Todd Facade-
kill memory crash -
and one - "military fashion show"
The crux shadows - "pygmalion's Dream"
-Dark Cloud-
Stochasic Theory - "Losing My Religion"
Seabound - "Torn (Covenant remix)"
Covenant - "Go Film (She Wants Revenge remix)"
-Todd Facade-
noisuf x - ""hit me hard
Assemblage 23 - "Let me be your armor"
zeromancer - "die of a broken heart"
-Dark Cloud-
Bella Morte - "Torn"
HiM - "Wicked Game (World On Fire remix by Lights of Euphoria)"
In Strict Confidence - "Promised Land (Bratxensscout Remix)"
-Todd Facade-
faderhead -"dirty gurls/dirtybois""
emilie autum - "swallow (filthy victorian remix)"
the birth day massacre - "a beautiful murder"

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