Friday, April 18, 2014

HYDRA @ NextDoor 4/11/14

The Dignity of Labour - XRV
Droom - Dis-Integrate
ien oblique - Days of Happiness
Dekad - New Religion (Alternative Mix)
Iris - Lose In Wanting
Junk Circuit - Life On My Own
Neuropa - Tears Flow On
Lunascape - Mind Stalking (Jon Gill Remix)
Snake River Conspiracy - Breed (Dave Audé Club Mix)
Heaven 17 - I'm Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me (T-Total Secret Stalker Mix)
Frozen Plasma - Earthling (Aqualite Remix)
Technoir - Manifesto (Delobbo Mix)
Echo Image - Skulk (Album Version)
Negative Format - Automate
KAJ - Picture On The Wall (Maxi Mix)
Corporate Soldiers - Give It To You (Feat. Ayria)
Ayria - Bad List
Covenant - Dead Stars (Version)
Imperative Reaction - Faded Into One

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