Saturday, November 2, 2013

HYDRA @ The Fix

Bella Morte - The Rain Withers in Her Hands
Seabound - Contact (Assemblage 23 remix)
The Cruxshadows - Tears (Fictional Mix)
Implant - Your World (Continental Drift Mix by Implant)
I:Scintilla - Melt
Seize - Craving (Press The Mushroom Mix)
Negative Format - Pathogen
Colony 5 - Trust You
Syrian - Fire In Your Eyes (Blume Remix)
Encephalon - Daylight
Cyferdyne - Dark Forever
Suicide Commando - Conspiracy with The Devil
Aesthetic Perfection - Spit It Out
Jesus on Exstacy - Revenge (Remix by Midnight Resistance)
Cesium_137 - Atrophy (Imperative Reaction remix)
Encoder - November (feat. Romell of Razed in Black)
Cellmod - Radio Sex
Imperative Reaction - Collapse

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