Monday, August 27, 2012

Dungeon Reunion presents: RESURRECTION at SoHo Mixed Media Bar

The Crüxshadows - Winterborn (This Sacrifice)
Terrornation - X Factory
Incubite - Glowstix, Neon & Blood
Noisuf-X - 3000 Phon
Chainreactor - Pleasure & Pain (X-Rx Remix)
Necro Facility - Supposed
Ayria - Bad List [Request]
Negative Format - Static (Remix by Headscan)
Encephalon - Daylight [Request]
Glenn Love - Nuit Musee
Dirty Bird 13 - Girl With The Knife (Extended Club Mix)
God Module - Telekenitic
Diversant:13 - Soul Reaper
Systemshock vs. Zwifelhaft - What I Want (Mythbreakers mix)
Fatal Aim - We Don't Fear The Height
-???- secret track
AlterRed - Rebuild Rewire (Club Mmix)
Caisarion - Wenn Der Letzte Tag Verblasst
Technoir - Liar (Rotersand Remix)
Assemblage 23 - Binary (Encoder Remix (Unreleased)
VNV Nation - Chrome (-???- remix)
Faderhead - Dirty Girrrls/Dirty Bois
Virtual Embrace - Demential (Solitary Experiments Remix)
Combichrist - Today I Woke To A Rain of Blood

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