Saturday, June 6, 2009

Camera Obscura presents: Logic: A Star Trek Tribute 5-6-09

Diary of Dreams - "Tales of the Silent City"
De/Vision - "Obey Your Heart"
Midnight Resistance - "A Tear In Every Moment"
New Concept - "Waiting"
Hungry Lucy - "Blue Dress"
Portishead - "Mourning Air"
Halou - "Honey Theif"
Bjork - "Violently Happy"
Army of Lovers - "Obsession"
Mark Nicholas - "Little Goth Girl"
Dekoy - "Dance With Me"
Stocastic Theory - "Losing My Religion"
Depeche Mode - "Enjoy The Silence"
Negative Format- "Pathogen"
Pride & Fall - "Elements of Silence"
Ayira - "Be Me"
Implant - "Your World (Contential Drift Mix by Implant)"
I:Scintilla - "Harvester (Combichrist remix)"
Regenerator - "Hope"
Dekoy - "Salvation"
Melotron - "Forge Mir Ins Litch"
Diary of Dreams - "The Curse" Request
E Nomine - "Lord's Prayer"
Agonoize - "Open The Gate"
Combichrist - "Enjoy The Abuse"
Suicide Commando - "Conspiracy With The Devil"
Switchblade Symphony - "Dollhouse (Razed in Black remix)"
Theatre of Tragedy - "Machine (VNV Nation remix)"
Technoir - "Manifesto (Fast Forward mix)"
Xerotime - "Movement (Feat. Lady Lovely)"
Xerotime - "Phaid To Black"
-Star Trek: TGN intro-
-Star Trek costume contest-
Wolfsheim - "The Sparrows & The Nighting Gales
Assemblage 23 - "Decades"
Tristesse De LaLune - "Queen of The Damned"

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