Friday, August 7, 2009

Alter Solum - First Friday 80's & Industrial night

Technoir - "Manifesto (Delobbo remix)"
Faderhead - "Dirrty Girls/DirtyBois"
Noisuf-X - "Hit Me Hard"
Icon of Coil - "Floorkiller"
Lights of Euphoria - "One Nation (Club mix)"
:wumpscut: - "We Believe, We Believe"
Run Level Zero - "Under The Gun (X-Fusion's .50cal remix)"
Combichrist - "Thank My Buddies"
Emily Autumn - "Swallow (Punto Omega remix)"
I:Scintilla - "Melt"
The Azoic - "Conflict"
Negative Format - "Pathogen"
Implant - "Don't Feed The Robots"
Melotron - "Forge Mir Ins Litch"
Syrian - "Now Is Forever"
Cosmicity - "Alone (Ich Liebe Deutsch land mix)"
Colony 5 - "Pills"
Dismantled - "What A Tragedy"
Informatik - "Nothing Greater"
In Strict Confidence - "Promised Land"
Chrome - "The Wind"

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